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April Wine

I photographed April Wine in one evening when the band did 2 back to back concerts at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary on January 24, 1977. They were promoting their Forever For Now record. At this time April Wine were a well known Canadian band but still fighting for international recognition. As with most Canadian acts of their stature security was low and I was able to go wherever I wanted to take shots. There are a few shots taken from the back stage area because no one cared what I did or where I went. After the first concert I was invited to sit in the green room because Music Express writer Sue Markowski had worked for April Wine's record company in Montreal. She was talking to Myles Goodwyn when someone from the venue opened the door with a concerned look on his face. He said that their had been a bomb threat and wondered if the next concert should be cancelled. To this Myles Goodwyn didn't bat an eye and replied that they get bomb threats all the time and that there would be no cancellation. A few years later April Wine would leave Montreal and move to Los Angeles. Much to the criticism of the Canadian music establishment.

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