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This opera house was small for a group of Queen's stature in that it only seated about 3,500 people. During the middle of the concert, someone pushed me down and started kicking my legs and punching me in the face. After a few seconds, while I was on my back, I looked up to see the Bear standing overhead. This was not his real name, but the nickname ne went by, by virture of his size. As a staff memeber of the promoter, Brimstone Productions, Bear (Garth Werschler) was the one chosen to give the circus like anouncement to the audience that the group was ready to perform. As his nickname suggests he was the kind of friend you would want if you were threatened or in danger. Bear lifted up my attacker tightly in his arms in from of the stage and walked towards the back stage. Rather than push open the swivel doors that lead to the back stage area, Bear hurled my attackers body head first at the door with all his might. While the force of the impact opened the door it also made a crater the size of his head. When the concert was over Bear took me out through the back stage for security reasons. I still remember walking past the dressing rooms beside the Green Room. A bouncer type stood outside this area and you could read the signs above the doors that read "freddie, Brian, Roger and John".

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