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I had the opportunity to photograph Rush on two occasions. The first time I shot the band was on Oct 21, 1975 in an out door concert at Clearwater Beach, just outside of Calgary. They opened the concert for headliner Nazareth. I remeber talking to someone in the line waiting to get into the concert about how I was familiar with Nazareth but I had never heard of this new band called Rush. The color shot above was taken in Oct 21, 1975. I believe this tour was dubbed the "down the tubes tour" by Rush. The stage was small for this concert with an audience of maybe 2,500 people. This was grass roots rock at its best. 


The black and white shots here were taken in the Calgary Stampede Corral on Sep 11, 1977. They were promoting their Farewell To Kings record. At this moment in time I had moved up in the world and was photographing Rush for Music Express magazine. 

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