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I contacted my agent in New York who handles the digital rights to my images. She had never heard of any rock bands telling her clients that they could not sell their work. Not knowing the fine points of the law I issued a challenge with Etsy. While this was going on the company hired by Showtech Merchandising Inc. to search out offenders (Stigma Search) began threatening that if I did not remove my last Rush photograph from Etsy they would contact the other bands of whose photographs I was selling and they would have all my photographs removed. I decided it was time to consult a lawyer.


After speaking to a lawyer I learned that bands could ask me to stop selling their photographs if I didn't have their permission. This lawyer suggested that I contact Rush and ask them if I could pay a percentage or make a donation to a charity to keep selling my photographs.

I did just that and sent 2 emails to Showtech asking if something could be worked out. I received no response to these emails. After 4 months I decided to make another attempt. This time I called Showtech on March 1, 2016 and spoke with Patrick McLoughlin. After explaining why I was calling he sounded very positive that something could be worked out and he would call me back. Patrick did email me back an offer to pay $5,000 for all my Rush photographs. No other offer was made. In other words, they were not willing to allow me to sell my photographs at all. They wanted to buy them outright and that would be that. The next day I sent an email saying thanks but no thanks.



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