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That was followed up with a demand from their lawyer, Bob Farmer, on April 6, 2016 that I stop selling Rush photographs on my own website. Then a subsequent email demanding to know how many photographs I had sold and for how much. For those who want to know the grand total of Rush photographs sold on Etsy after 3 years was a staggering $530.00. Boy, we are talking big bucks here!


What was also interesting is that not only did they demand that I remove my Rush photographs for sale, they also requested my Rush images on my agents site be removed. Just to be clear on one point. While you have to have a bands permission to sell hard copies of their photographs you do not need their permission to sell the use of these images to a magazine if it is used with a story for editorial purposes. How else can a photographer or their agent sell the use of a photograph to a magazine if they cannot display it on line? By demanding the removal of these images they are trying to control the publishing industries access to Rush photographs. What's next? Even Tom Sawyer would shout from the banks of the Mississippi that the whole idea was obsurd.


I find it pathetic that a band as successful as Rush cannot sleep at night knowing that some where out there a photographer is making money from shots he took 36 years ago! I guess there was a point where the Working Man became the Corporate Man!



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