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From time to time a concert is set and sold out but murphies law throws in a curve ball. This happened to Styx for this concert. Fans arrived to the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on Sept 29, 1977 to find the doors to the seating area locked. They waited but after the time for the concert to start passed they grew rowdy as rock fans will. Then there was an announcement that the bands truck was broken down in the neighboring province of British Columbia and Styx could not make it. That is the most dangerous announcement you can ever make for a concert. Luckily for Styx the openning act Montrose agreed to do a mini concert and the fans were pacified. 


The next day the band made it into the city and Keith Sharp (publisher for Music Express Magazine) and I met them for an interview. I found them to be very approachable and not caught up in an ego trip over their success.

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