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The Who

I have had the opportunity to photograph The Who on two occasions. The first time I was on vacation in Switzerland when I heard they were doing a concert in Zurich on Feb 27, 1976. I bought tickets and photographed the band in color. Eight months later they did a concert in Edmonton, Alberta. Keith Sharp, publisher of Music Express magazine, and myself went to the concert. The Who is a legendary band with a vast song repertoire. They are one of the best rock bands I have ever photographed. Some times a great band can come prepared to give a good concert but the audience just isn't in it emotionally. Such was the case with The Who in Edmonton. It wasn't until the end that the audience started to give the feed back you would expect for The Who. In most cases The Who do not do encores. They play for a good two hours or more and then its over. But they give you everything during that time. In this concert when the audience did start to come around they did an encore and played Rock Is Dead. Keith Sharp was lucky and was able to get an interview with Roger Daultry. When the concert was over we waited for Roger to appear but he never came so we left. After we left he did appear and some one else got the interview. Keith and I were both very upset at the whole thing.

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