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Thin Lizzy


I photographed Thin Lizzy when the band did two concerts in Calgary, opening for Queen on March 16-17, 1977. After the first concert Keith Sharp from Music Express magazine told me to stay up the whole night developing and printing my photographs because he had an interview the next day with Freddie Mercury. As a result, I was very tired the next morning and not that thrilled when Keith Sharp pulled up to my house and told me to get my camera because we were on our way to interview Thin Lizzy in their hotel.


Keith and I walked into their hotel room and he began to interview Phil and the rest of the band. It was at this point that I pulled out my camera and started to get ready to take the usual interview shots when Phil said they were not presentable enought for their pictures to be taken. No one ever said that to me before in an interview. I was annoyed but had to be civile non the less. 

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